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Beating the Winter Blues with Pizza and a Movie

Well, we haven’t exactly been covered in snow here, but sometimes, it’s just too cold to want to go out. It’s windy, or cloudy and rainy. It’s just yucky and miserable. The kids are bored, and you’re getting restles… What is there to do? Quite a few things actually! Walmart gave me $20 to spend to see what we could do with it to cure our Winter Blues, and among the many ideas we had, we decided to go for Family Pizza and Movie night!

Pizza1Pizza and a movie is always easy, and fun, especially if you make your own pizza! We decided to grab all of our ingredients at our local Walmart store! Usually, we like to make our own pizza dough, but we were looking for something quick and simple, so we grabbed some Pillsbury ready made pizza dough. We got some Great Value Pizza sauce, and some pepperoni, cheese and veggies to add to our pizza. The girls always love making our own pizzas.

For a movie, we left it up to the girls. After very little searching, we picked up Hotel Transylvania at the Redbox at Walmart! We hadn’t seen it yet, and it looked like a perfect movie that all of us could enjoy!

At the end of the night, we had a great time! The pizza turned out very yummy, and we were all pretty full. The movie was pretty good. It had some very funny moments that had us all laughing. We pretty much decided that this was going to be a new family thing, regardless of the time of year. We’re even going to work on family game nights as well! I just have to find all the lost pieces!!!

Hopefully this will give you an idea for something to do to beat the Winter Time Blues. We don’t get snow here very often, so when we do, we run outside and play. I know some of you are probably really tired of it by now..

Good luck and Stay warm!


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