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Special Ghirardelli Chocolate Valentine's Gift Ideas

Please pass the chocolate!!!

What Valentine could really turn down some delicious chocolates? I know, I’m trying not to eat a whole lot of sweets, but for Valentine’s Day, a little bit won’t be so bad.

We were sent a selection of Ghirardelli Chocolate Gifts to try out, and as soon as my family saw them, they were gone!

We were sent the Caramel Trio Heart Tin, Sweet Hearts Chocolates and Valentine’s Duo Bag.. and they were all delicious. We love chocolate, and anything with the Ghirardelli name is that much better!

We had a fun little sampling couple of days. Day one, we tried out some of the Caramel Trio Heart Tin. It contained dark chocolate and milk chocolate squares, with either caramel, or sea salted caramel in them, and they were all absolutely yummy. They didn’t have a ton of chocolates, but it was definitely worth the price. The Caramel Trio Heart Tin is only $9.98, and is new and exclusive to Walmart! You won’t be able to find it anywhere else!

The next day, we tried the Sweet Hearts Chocolates. This box contained a couple of different flavors. The four hearts’ flavors were Chocolate Hazelnut Cream with Toffee Bit, Milk Chocolate Filled with Caramel Cream, Chocolate Almond Cream and my favorite, Dark Chocolate Filled with Cacao Nibs in Cream. These were all very good, and again, while not a ton of chocolate, it was just right. These would even make a cute accent on top of cakes or cupcakes if you wanted to add a special touch! The Sweet Hearts Chocolates from Ghirardelli is a new product this year and only $9.98.

The last item we got to try was the Ghirardelli Valentine’s Duo Bag. The Duo Bag contains two types of chocolate squares, White Chocolate with Vanilla Beans and Dark Chocolate with Strawberry Filling. Talk about YUMMY! Ok, so the Vanilla Bean squares aren’t my favorite, but the Dark Chocolate with Strawberry Filling is amazing. It’s probably my most favorite chocolate in all of the ones that I tried this week. The Ghirardelli Valentine’s Duo Bag is exclusive to Walmart, and only $3.28.

With any of these options, you really can’t go wrong this Valentine’s Day! Give them as a gift, or as a supplement to another gift you are giving! Which one of these are you most interested in trying?


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