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My blog, Mommy Brain Reports is very dedicated to giving honest and in depth, family friendly product reviews. I love to give my opinion on everything I come across! As a mother of twins, I have opinions on everything! My family loves to try out new and innovative products, so if you have something you think we’d like, and would like an honest review written up, please email me via my contact page.

If you have seen a product somewhere that you would like an opinion on, please let me know! I’ll be more than happy to try it out for you, and let you know what I think!

So you know a little bit about us, here is a little bit about my family:

Ryan (my husband) & I have been married for over 14 years. We are both 33 years old… We love technology, computers, gadgets, electronics, and video games. I’m pretty good at Guitar Hero,  and he’s great at Military style games.  Our girls, identical twins, are both 7 years old.. They love to play, have a great time, and learn as fast as their brains can pick things up. They love all things princess and they love to sing and dance! They also love my iMac :).

Mommy Brain Reports has worked with companies such as Walmart, EA SPORTS Active, Dyson, Bissell, Hoover, Dirt Devil, Step 2, Dell, Keurig, Soda Stream USA and Many More!

How do you get a review done?

Send me an email via my contact page or contact information on final page of this Media Kit. Give me a detailed description of the product or service you would like to have reviewed and/or give away. Make sure you specify what age group your item is geared towards, and please don’t forget to give me a link to your website! In order for us to review any products, we do require a sample of your item!


Your sample will not be returned to you, and you are responsible for any/all  postage and handling fees to get it to me. 


You will be contacted at the email/phone number you  provide to us to give you an address to send your products for review or reader giveaways. Remember, giveaways are charged at the rate specified in the advertising options section.  Many companies like to offer a giveaway in conjunction with a review. This offers readers a chance to learn more about the product before entering the giveaway!


We are open to most anything to try, but we especially would love products that are family friendly, non-toxic, safe and fun. We love technology items, and love to hear about organic, and “green” items! We are all about helping to save our planet!

We look forward to hearing about your items!

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