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Some Money Saving Tips, After the Tax Hike

If you haven’t seen it yet, you’ll notice it, and it might hurt. Without getting political on this blog, I have to say that this budget issue needs to get fixed, and fast.

As of this year, there was a 2% increase in federal taxes, and you should already have seen that on your latest pay checks. If you haven’t, you will soon. That, compounded with the rapidly increasing gas prices, makes it difficult to do much of anything anymore! It’s harder to go out to eat, out the movies, or just take a road trip to somewhere fun.

2% may not sound like a whole lot, but it sure can be. 2% for us means one less tank of gas, or one less night out as a family. It also means that I will actually have to finally figure out some of those crazy couponing tricks that many of my friends do. Combine coupons with Walmart’s Every Day Low Price Guarantee, and I just might make up the difference in our paycheck. I also know that when I need something for my family, like clothing or household items, I can find a lot of things at my local Walmart, without having to drive all around town searching for something! Walmart is very much, my one stop shop.

Another idea is to keep an eye on store brands! Products like Great Value, or Parent’s Choice, are both great products but usually are a fraction of the cost of brand name items. You might not be able to use coupons on them, but with their prices, you don’t really need to! Always double check your coupon amounts and the item prices though! Sometimes that is less than the store brand item!

If you’re trying to cut costs on family outings, how about planning a family day at home? Grab your video games, or board games and have some game time at home. If the weather is good, head outside for some good running around! Play a game of tag or soccer! Join up for some basketball or a good game of catch. If you have a neighborhood park or playground within walking distance, even better!

There are  a lot of things you can do that cost very little, or nothing at all! It just takes a bit of imagination!

How are you pinching pennies through the tax hike? Got any tips you’d like to share? Leave them in the comments! Everyone will thank you!


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