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Fun NFL Nails with Jamberry Nails

Ok, y’all know that I am a HUGE fan of sports, namely, my Pittsburgh teams (Steelers, Penguins, Pirates), and I am absolutely glued to my TV or radio when my games are on. My husband laughs at the amount of team gear I have now, and yet, he feeds my addiction by getting me more at Christmas… even though he’s not a Pittsburgh fan, himself. Yep, he’s a keeper!

Anyway… I though I had seen it all until the other day… I was shown Steelers nail wraps by a company called Jamberry. I am not one to get manicures a whole lot. I don’t take the time, care to pay the upkeep, and then watch my nails break, and it drives me crazy when I paint my nails, and 3 days later, the polish is chipping off, or peeling up.

So, what’s different about Jamberry nail wraps? Let’s find out…

Coming straight from their website:

What Are Jamberry Nail Wraps?

Nail wraps are thin vinyl sheets that are pressure and heat activated to adhere to your nail for a long lasting and beautiful look. They are made with durable materials, so smudges and streaks are never an issue, and can last for up to two weeks on fingernails and four weeks on toes!

Do they really last that long? We’ll see!

Even though Jamberry is a Direct Selling company, you can order them online without having an in-home party, or going through anyone in particular. If you know a consultant though, help them out and order through them!

From search to payment, the ordering process is super fast. Now, I’m just waiting on them to get to me so I can try them out! I’ll update again when they get here! Stay tuned!

Want to see what other teams they have?  Check out the search I did on their website… but I mean.. the Steelers are the best team on the whole site. HA!


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