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Welcome to my new home!

Well, that’s it.. Mommy Brain Reports is gone. I almost want to say “insert sad face emoji here”… but I don’t want to. I’ve written at Mommy Brain Reports for the better part of 12 years. I started that site when my girls were just babies, and while there are some amazing memories as “Mommy Brain”… I really felt it was time to move on. My girls have grown up so much, and my brain isn’t as crazy as it used to be. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a lot going on up there.. but all of my thoughts and ideas have changed too.

Why the big change?

I love working with brands of all sorts, but it got to be a little difficult when brands of baby products kept pitching me. When asked if they read my site description, many of them said “no” and just assumed since I had “mommy” in the name, that I had little ones around. I always chuckled. Sure, my kids are 12, but sometimes they think  that they are much older. Typical tweens, I suppose.

I thought it best to change my name to something that really fit my personality now. I love to have Fun. I’m still a busy mom, and am now employed and work with several local organizations, so Simple is a big deal, and Freedom.. well.. that speaks for itself. I am blessed to live where I do, and have the opportunities to do what I do. I thought Fun, Simple, Freedom pretty much encompassed everything I want to write about now.

So, what are you going to feature on your new blog?

Well, that’s the big question. I still have all of my old posts on here, for archive purposes. They are still pretty informative, and many of them still get a lot of views. My hope is that this blog can be made simpler. Less categories to have to wade through, more fun, outdoorsy type stuff, and maybe a lot more personality. We’ve gotten into Triathlons in a pretty big way, and after a knee injury, I’m focusing more on swimming and cycling. Yes, I am planning one more half marathon, with the approval of my doctor, but it’s a hurry up and get it over with thing, so I can get it out of my system, and carry on with shorter races. He laughs at me, but I have to do one, the right way, with proper training, and no injuries this time.  I’ll ask you… What do you want to see on this blog? It’s a chance to reinvent myself, so I figure, I can take you along with me and make it better!

Are you still going to do sponsored posts?

The short answer is, Yes. There are some brands that I loved working with in the past, and will continue to work with. There are some brands that I never even thought of working with in the past that I think would be an amazing fit with the new hopes I have for this site. Don’t worry though. My written words will always be my personal opinions, and any sponsored posts will be designated as such. If there’s a link to the product, you can probably bet it’s an affiliate link, and I would really appreciate it if you did want to purchase something I wrote about, that you go through my link! It’s not much, but every little bit helps!

What’s Next?

I’ll be cleaning up the site, working on making it easier to navigate. I’m working on some photography projects, and always keeping my YouTube Channel going! Head over to my contact page, or leave a comment below letting me know what you want to see here! I’ll do my best!

Thanks for sticking with me through the big change. This is a big step that has taken a lot of thought, and work, and I’m really excited to see where it goes!

See you on the blog!

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