Lucyd Lyte Bluetooth… Sunglasses?

This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Lucyd. We received free product to test in exchange for our honest opinions

Technology is an ever evolving thing, and something we have nearly all been affected by is the lack of headphone outputs on our mobile devices… Once they started getting rid of that that little spot we could all plug in to and have a private conversation, or listen to music, and even share music with, things went a little crazy. The big wireless headphones became a thing, especially noticeable in the sports world. Tiny wireless earbuds were everywhere, however, those things can fall out and get lost quite easily, and that’s never good when you’re in a crowd, or at an outdoor event.

Enter, Lucyd Lyte. Sunglasses that do more than just block the sun. Haven’t heard of them yet? Read on!

We were sent a couple of pairs to try out, and help spread the word. I’ll let my girls go first, and then I’ll follow up with the nitty gritty. Keep in mind, they are almost 16 years old, and have different ideas of what’s cool and what’s not these days. HA!


Alexandra listening to some music using her Lucyd Lyte sunglasses.

The Lucyd sunglasses are sunglasses that allow you to listen to audio from your phone, answer calls, and more. The Lyte frames have two nice design choices that come in Lyte Round or Lyte Wayfarer. You can choose from different frame colors and lens types. I chose a pair of the Lyte Wayfarer style glasses, with the standard UV400 polarized sunglass lenses. The lenses themselves do a great job blocking the brightness of the sun.

When I tried these sunglasses, they were convenient for the times where I went on runs or walked around outside. However, the sound quality for music sounded a bit fuzzy. Knowing that the sound is coming from a pair of sunglasses external to your ear, it’s understandable that the quality wouldn’t be the best. I think the Lucyd sunglasses are a great product overall, as they can be helpful if you wear sunglasses in your day-to-day life.


Victoria taking a phone call using her Lucyd Lyte sunglasses.

So, I got to try out the Lucyd Lyte Round Sunglasses, and here’s what I think of them.

First, the sunglasses pair via Bluetooth. This is really convenient compared to having a cord hanging, which can catch on things. There is a button on either side, used to control volume, pausing or playing the audio, or skipping songs. They can also be used to take phone calls. The battery lasts a long time as well.

Lucyd sunglasses come in two frame styles with customizable colors and lens styles. My only dislike is the sound quality and how people around me can hear the sound, even from a low volume. However. I still really enjoy using them, and I will definitely continue to use this product!

Girls listening to some music while taking a walk in our neighborhood.


I also got the chance to try out the Lucyd Lyte Sunglasses, and was impressed functionality wise. Neither of the styles fit my face very well, so I’m hoping they come out with some more sporty styles at some point. Even my husband, who is an avid cyclist said that they would be perfect for him while riding his bike, provided they had more of a wrap around style that would work for under his helmet, etc.

So let’s get down to the details.

Ordering the glasses was easy. You choose between round or wayfarer, and then choose your lenses. The choices here are nearly endless.. You have options for non-prescription, or prescription (standard & progressive) or readers.

I chose non-prescription and had a BUNCH of choices!

The standard Polarized lenses are really nice while driving, or at an outdoor venue. The lenses are clear, colors are crisp, as you would want from a polarized lens.

Connecting to Bluetooth was easy! My iPhone 11 found it very quickly, and the voice notification on the glasses told me I was connected within seconds. The glasses, though they look clunky, don’t feel so when you’re wearing them…. However.. I do have a habit of putting my glasses on top of my head when I’m not using them, and the very straight arms doesn’t keep them in place as opposed to sunglasses with a curve to the arms. Minor thing I just had to remind myself about.

As the girls have mentioned, the music sound quality is not what I had hoped, but still decent regardless. My husband did mention he was able to hear it being a few feet away from me at what I thought was a reasonable volume for myself, but when out in a crowd, such as my daughter’s cross country race, it really didn’t matter since there were so many people.

Aside from music, taking a phone call is a great feature. I’m also a photographer, so when I went out to take photos of the local high school’s Senior event on the Football Field, I was able to take photos while taking care of a call. I didn’t have to fumble with earbuds, or worry about holding my phone to my ear and miss a “perfect shot”… It was super convenient. The person I was on the phone with was able to hear me very well. I was able to hear them as well as my surroundings which was perfect.

All in all the Lucyd Lyte Glasses are a great product, with a surprisingly affordable price tag! The prescription, and blue light blocker options are some things I’m considering for future purchase, and still holding out hope for a large selection of frame styles!

If you want to get in on the action, check them out here!

Lucyd Lyte glasses come with a really cool fold flat case.

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