It's not easy… being green…

So i’m actually being drawn into this whole “green” movement that’s been going on. I’ve done more and more research about things that can be reused, recycled, etc, and I’m starting to think a lot more about what I do here at home. I’ve decided that I’m going to implement Green Mondays… until I can gather more information to share… but I’d like to start giving you advice, ideas, and knowledge about what you can do to go green! While helping our planet, you can even save money in the process!!! 

For your FIRST Green Monday… Reusing some household items instead of throwing them in the trash!

Benefit: You can come up with some cool uses for things you would normally just toss away and not think twice about it!

Regret: There is none!

1. CD’s/DVD’s that you can no longer listen to or watch are great for crafts! You can take a bunch of them and make sun catchers out of them with some glue and fishing line! Add bells to them and they double as wind chimes! You can also make coasters out of them! Save your furniture while saving the landfill! You can either glue some felt to the bottom of the disc, leaving the designs facing up for some nifty Rock n’ Roll coasters, or you can cut 2 layers of fabric out just larger than the disc and sew around the disc, completely enclosing the disc. Make sure you add some cork or felt to the bottom so it doesn’t slip. This one is a great idea because you can make them specially to match your home decor!

2. Yogurt Lids can make really cute coasters too! decorate them with pictures, magazine or greeting card cutouts, paint, etc… Use your imagination! Make sure you coat them with some type of water based sealant! 

3. Yogurt containers can be used to line a non-watertight container so you can use it as a vase! You can also use them to keep flowers neatly bunched up if the container or vase has a super wide opening! You can also use them to make candle holders! I found this super cute idea online! Just remember… NEVER leave lit candles unattended!!! 

4. Something I did as a kid that I loved, was making my own envelopes! I’d find all kinds of magazines and take out the coolest pictures of lightning, flowers, fractals, you name it! I just took a regular envelope and opened it up along the glue and traced it for a template. I glued down the flaps, and voila! If you don’t want to make a template.. here’s a site that shows you how to make them without a template.. 

5. Plastic milk or juice jugs can be used in so many ways. You can cut off the bottom of the jug to make a scoop for pet food, bird seed, or small toys! You can use them to make birdhouses, or fill them with water and freeze them so you have ice blocks ready for your cooler! Here’s a whole bunch of other great ideas for plastic milk jugs!

6. Jelly jars can be washed and reused around the house… You can use them (if they’re watertight) to store individual drink servings for a picnic). You can use them to store grains, nuts, etc in your pantry. You can re-can food that you prepare in bulk, salsa, soups, fruits, etc. You can even use them to give gifts in! Place all of the dry ingredients of a recipe (cookies, brownies, hot cocoa) seal it, print out the corresponding recipe and attach it to the jar using some ribbon, or raffia. I found a list of other great uses too! Check them out here! 

Here’s just a few ideas for you! I know there are so many things out the we can reuse… If you’re new to the whole green movement, start slow! Try putting a list by your garbage container of things you can reuse and recycle rather than throw away, and get a second container just for recyclables if it makes it easier.. 

Let me know what YOU do to stay green!!! 

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