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kookyKids have made the Kooky Klickers one of today’s hottest collectibles and now with some of the most popular licenses, Kookys are sure to be more popular than ever.  Check out Spongebob, Patrick, Sandy, and Plankton, Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Donald and Goofy and even more Disney themed characters. There is even Star Wars and Marvel Comics characters being released! Each uniquely designed Kooky Klickers character pen features a name, birth order and numbered holographic sticker.  With hundreds of fun and innovative designs available, they are popular with kids of all ages.  Each Kooky Klickers pen is approximately six inches in length, and is topped with brightly colored stringy hair that bounces and springs when kids write.  Kooky Kollectibles can be found at retailers across the country such as Wal-Mart, 5 Below Wegmans, Costco, Bed Bath & Beyond and others.  Or find the entire line of Kooky Kollectibles at www.kookys.com – home of all things Kooky! ✔

We were sent a couple of Kooky Klickers, and my girls love them. They just about refuse to write unless they have their pen! They’re such a cute stocking stuffer idea for any kid!

TLB_LightBeamsWhile Cloud B products are geared toward younger children, Their Twilight Collection could be great for any child that fears the dark. Twilight Turtle, Twilight Ladybug, and Twilight Sea Turtle are plush toys that project stars onto bedroom walls and ceiling. The Twilight Collection items retail for $29.95-$37.95 Their Polar Cuddle Cub (made with soy fibers) provides gentle vibrations for a comforting touch; it could also be great for older kids. Polar Cuddle Cub retails for $27.95-29.95. Lavender Lab has also been very popular amongst young girls to young adults. Squeezing the head and body of Lavender Lab release a soothing lavender scent. It retails for $19.95-21.95.

To view their entire product line, please visit www.cloudb.com. ✔

We were sent their turtle to check out, and I think I had more fun with it than my girls did! I didn’t realize that they had actual constellations built into them! I thought it was just something pretty to look at! You can change the color between Amber, Blue and Green to fit their mood. These colors are specifically chosen based on their calming qualities.

earbudeezCheck out these affordable stocking stuffers from Audiovox – earBudeez – which are now available nationwide! EarBudeez come in a variety of fun colors and packaging, each reflective of the tween listeners’ sense of style. In time for the holidays, they’ve even created a limited-edition package shaped to look like Santa and his elves! EarBudeez are super-affordable and compatible with virtually every media device including Apple’s iPod and iPhone. They can be purchased at Toys R’ Us.

For slightly older listeners, our HeadShox earbuds offer a contoured design, changeable eartips and packaging that mimics popular energy drinks. Check out both products here

good4ugirlsYou’re bound to get major brownie points for giving this cute, Organic Skin Care Kit from Good For You Girls.

The kit contains everything a girl needs to start a healthy skin care routine including 100% natural Gel Cleanser, Refreshing Toner and Oil Free Moisturizer. Pair in a gift bag with a fun, organic cotton headband and cotton balls and you have a winning gift!

It’s the Totally Tween, Totally Green skin care she wants with the safe ingredients Moms approve.

Created with only the purest, natural and organic ingredients that are effective and safe for young skin, all Good For You Girls products are free from parabens, petrochemicals, sulfates, synthetics, phthalates, dyes and irritants. And they are vegan-approved and cruelty free.

Best of all, you can give safe, beautiful skin care to your savvy green girl for under $25.00!

A member of The Natural Products Association and a compact signer with The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, Good For You Girls is the first premium line of 100% natural skin care that addresses the unique skin care needs of tweens age 9 to 15.

To learn more about our all natural skin care for tweens, please visit www.GoodForYouGirls.com or call 860-489-9912. It’s available on the site and at select stores.

Disney Group

Another cute bath and body set is this Magical Beauty Collection from Carol’s Daughter, a line that was created with Disney to celebrate the first African American Princess, featured in “The Princess and the Frog”.  The line features four bath and body products, and the Holiday kit features three, in an adorable pouch.  I’ve attached an image and additional info here.  This set is available on www.carolsdaughter.com and at select Macy’s stores.

AS_Tinker BellFor a fun addition to any child’s room, check out ArtScape! It’s a non adhesive window film including 4 Disney images. They are colorful, easy to apply (to smooth glass and Plexiglas) and remove- as your requirements change, and have UV protection.

They can be purchased on line at homedepot.com as well as several other online sites.

We have partnered with Boston Children’s Hospital to provide some Disney cheer to many of their visiting patients. Since it is non adhesive, they can take the product home with them.

Disney image link: http://www.artscape-inc.com/disney.php ✔

We were sent two of their window clings, and absolutely love them! They add a little bit of privacy to the girls’ room, so people can’t see in, while adding a cute picture and a neat glow to the room! It’s non-adhesive so it’s great for people who rent! It’s artwork you can take with you!

cleatskinsDo you have kids that love to play soccer? Check out Cleatskins!

For the kids: Perfect for young athletes active in soccer, baseball, softball, football and other cleated sports

Cleatskins (SRP $24.95) is a hot new accessory that turns cleats into street shoes so kids can easily step off the playing field and into the next activity. Cleatskins significantly extend the life of cleats by protecting studs from wear and tear, saving time and money for busy families.  The unique SKINTEK rubber material also creates a sealed barrier to keep dirt and grass out of home and car, and keeps kids safe from slips and falls by improving mobility and safety on asphalt and concrete surfaces.

Cleatskins have become a fashion statement on and off the field, allowing kids to show their team spirit by coming in an array of stylish colors to match any shoe, team uniform or outfit. At under $30 on www.cleatskins.com, they’re a budget-friendly option as well!

For Dad: Cleatskins also makes a product that dads love. The question comes up every year around the holidays. “What do you get for the golfer who has everything?” The perfect holiday gift for the golfer who appreciates style on and off the course but has every club, bag and shoe on the market, Cleatskins Golf (SRP $29.95) is an innovative new product that instantly converts golf shoes into street shoes so nothing stands in the way of the course and the “19th Hole.”

To give you a little more background, Cleatskins unique rubber shell cups the bottom of golf shoes extending the life of spikes, improving mobility and safety on asphalt, concrete and other hard surfaces, and providing a sealed barrier to keep dirt and grass out of the home, car and clubhouse. Golfers love the convenience of not having to bring two pairs of shoes to the course or change shoes in the car, and save money by not having to replace expensive spikes. Moms love that they protect floors from scuffs and carpet from grass and mud stains.

Cleatskins were created by a mom to eliminate wear and tear in her home, protect her kids from slips and falls, and to save money by eliminating the need to constantly replace expensive cleats. Cleatskins are the perfect holiday gifts, and at under $30 on the Cleatskins Web site, they’re a budget-friendly option as well! ♥

NapPackNap Pack-  The most popular item in the the Crafty Baby line, our nap pack / nap mat is perfect for your growing 2-7 year old who may have a nap / rest time at preschool, kindergarten, day care, etc. Durable, warm & cozy Fleece is used for this blanket with attached pillow. The blanket is approximately 48 inches long, with a rectangular 11″ x 16″ pillow attached to the top. Intentionally designed to fit on a standard preschool cot, kindermat or carpet, our Nap Pack is not bulky and fits snuggly into a cubby or hangs on a hook. When rest time is over, the child simply rolls up his/her nap mat, velcros the securely attached straps, grabs the handle and he/she is off! Children from age 3 can easily be self sufficient with this blanket. Kids will ask you when their next rest time is! As always machine wash & dry.

The item is available from my web-site – www.craftybaby.com/napmat.html – for $39.99.  It is also available in Magic Cabin and Femail Creations Catalogs and specialty retailers across the country.

toothfairyIf you have a little one that hasn’t lost his or her first tooth yet, then this is a super cute idea! Tooth Fairy Tales Gift Pack   http://toothcity.com/toothfairygiftpack.htm

This is the ultimate Tooth Fairy Survival Kit!

The Bonus Gift Pack includes:

-1 Tooth Fairy Tales CD – Answer questions about the Tooth Fairy and

promote dental hygiene with the wonderful dramatized adventures in the Tooth Fairy Tales CD. The CD is also great to put under the pillow.

It has 4 dramatized adventures starring the Tooth Fairy who fights

villains like the Cavity Monster, Bad Breath, and saves Planet Enamel.

-1 My 1st Lost Tooth Picture Frame – Keep the memory alive of Tooth Fairy’s first visit and show off that memorable lost tooth moment with My 1st Lost Tooth Picture Frame.

-1 Happy-face Tooth Pouch

-10 Tooth Fairy Removable Stickers- reward your child or put on the dollar bill and create Tooth Fairy currency Price  – $27 Each item is also sold separately. You can see the products, etc. at toothcity.com ✔

We were sent a Tooth Fairy Gift Pack to review, and we’re still waiting on our girls to lose a tooth before we can really enjoy this item.. but.. I can’t wait to give it to them! It’s such a cute idea for any child who is close to losing their first tooth, or did recently! It’s a neat little keepsake that they can have as they grow older!

shooTagKids love to play outside and mosquitoes love it too! Appreciating the great outdoors with the family doesn’t have to include harmful insect repellents. Environmentally friendly and safe mosquito barriers tags are now available to make it easier to appreciate the fresh air while outside.

New and environmentally friendly shoo!TAGâ„¢ not only protect kids and animals from pests, but also stem from the latest technology in bio-energetics. shoo!TAGâ„¢ are odor-free, silent and unobtrusive compact tags that can be hung on the collar of animals and from clothing or a necklace on humans.

Completely natural and safe, shoo!TAG™  disturbs the wearer’s external bio-energetic field with specific frequencies that are unpleasant to pests.  The tags which hang around the wearer’s neck, use the wearers’ energy field to extend the frequencies embedded in the magnetic strip creating a electrostatic field that insects do not like that is effective for up to four months.  Useful and economical, the waterproof tags work great for long days at the beach, camping trips, hiking excursions, or for summer nights with the family in the backyard.

Nationwide retailers are listed at http://www.shootag.com/ ✔

We were sent a pack of shoo!TAGs to review, but unfortunately, it’s been so cold here at night, I think all of our mosquitos have been hibernating… so we haven’t had a chance to really see if it works or not. In theory, it seems like a neat item, and it’s worth having around if you live in a warmer area… or just want to keep some for when it does get warmer! It’s worth checking out!

Want to print this out and take it shopping with you???

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