Gift Guide- Eco Friendly Products

If you’re looking for a great gift, that also helps the planet, consider some of these gifts!

2009 Mommy Brain Reports Eco Friendly Gift Guide

✔= Personally reviewed   ♥= Mom Owned Business

contigoContigo offers a full-line of spill-proof, leak-proof drinkware with an option for every member of the family, including kids. Contigo is the only spill-proof mug on the market due to their innovative AUTOSEAL technology.  Shake it, drop it, spin it, the drinkware will not spill or leak.  The double-wall, vacuum insulation in its stainless steel mug keeps liquids hot for four hours or cold for 12 hours.  Great for the on-the-go parent. Contigo’s sleek design fits car cup holders and has a suggested retail price of $19.99.  It can be purchased at Target, Sears, Meijer, QVC, Nordstrom, Shopko, True Value, Amazon.com, Target.com and www.gocontigo.com.

For the younger members of the family, there is a kids mug.  The 9-ounce capacity mug made from BPA-free, durable polypropylene and ABS for overall durability.  This 100 percent spill-proof mug is perfect for kids 4 years and older who are done with sippy cups but not done with spilling.   The suggested retail price is $7.99 and it can be purchased at Barnes and Noble, SuperValu, True Value, Shopko, Target.com, Amazon.com and www.gocontigo.com. ✔

Contigo sent us their travel mug and smaller cup to check out and I must say that they are really a no spill cup! My girls are not allowed any sort of liquid near a computer, but this makes me feel like being a little lenient on them. We have filled the cup, dropped it (from about table height) and really tried to put it to the test. It still doesn’t leak. I love that you have to push a button to get any liquid out. The coffee mug keeps my coffee pretty hot for a long time, and it keeps my cold water cold even longer. I had put some ice & water in the cup before I went to bed, and when I woke up the next morning, there was still ice in there. I was very surprised! Definitely a great idea for that person that takes coffee or water with them everywhere!

arbordayArbor Day Specialty Coffee: Make a difference in the world just by drinking a cup of coffee from the Arbor Day Foundation. Every time someone drinks a cup of Arbor Day Specialty Coffee, a portion of the world’s rain forests is preserved as part of the Foundation’s Rain Forest Rescue program. Arbor Day Coffee’s organic coffee is shade-grown, which saves trees from clear-cutting practices that destroy the rain forests of the world. By growing coffee under the canopy of the rain forest, farmers can eliminate chemicals used in sun-grown coffee plantations. Since 1992, more than two billion square feet of the world’s rain forests have been preserved through the Rain Forest Rescue program. A bag of Arbor Day Coffee costs $8.95.

Arbor Day Specialty Coffee is available http://www.arborday.org/shopping/coffee/index.cfm.


ChicoBag™ reusable bags are designed to help humanity kick the single-use bag habit. The new collections include a fashion line manufactured from recycled water bottles—perfect for eco-conscious holiday gifts.

All of the bags range in price from $5 – 20 and stuff down into a small integrated pouch and include carabineers, meaning that the bags can be easily tossed into a purse or glove box or clipped onto anything. They are available at hundreds of stores nationwide and online at www.chicobag.com.

brugoBRUGO: How many times have you stopped by your favorite coffee shop on the way to work, only to try to drink your coffee while you’re driving and just about burn your mouth? Next time, try taking in your own coffee cup! BRUGO (brugomug.com) is patented technology that allows coffee and tea enthusiasts to enjoy every sip of their hot beverage in the “Perfect Temperature Zone”, while eliminating the spills, spatters and burned lips that are a familiar part of the “to-go” coffee experience.

Fresh coffee is brewed at 205 degrees, but its vibrant flavors are most distinguishable and pleasing at around 150 to 170 degrees. By using a simple “tip and sip” motion, BRUGO™ users transfer sip-sized amounts (one fluid ounce) of their hot beverage to the temperature control chamber, where it immediately reaches this Perfect Temperature Zone. Only the liquid in the chamber is cooled and only this liquid exits the sip opening. This inventive system eliminates the need for coffee drinkers to blow on their beverage, add ice to it, or wait for it to cool.

The BRUGO™ lid has three options: LOCK, TIP & COOL, and SIP. The LOCK setting seals the mug and is perfect for transporting the beverage without spilling. TIP & COOL gives the consumer the full benefits of the temperature control chamber. Once the beverage in the mug has cooled to a palatable temperature, users simply turn the dial to SIP and drink the beverage directly. www.brugomug.com ✔

BRUGO sent us one of their mugs to check out. I thought it was a very cool idea, as it does allow small amounts of liquid to cool off before drinking it, making it a great idea when you get something very hot. I used it on a drive, and it worked pretty well!

IdbidsIdbids – iddy biddy steps for a greener world. Each one of our Eco-friendly Starter Kits is helping parents to teach young children about taking care of our Earth and comes with an online teaching component that tells about the important initiatives of our partner, The Nature Conservancy. The Idbids Starter Kit is a  fun, adventure-filled journey begins with this “go green” kit for kids! Includes: one handcrafted 100% organic Egyptian cotton 9” plush toy, organic cotton backpack, storybook, official Idbids Field Guide and reward program. All kit materials made from recycled and earth-friendly materials. Plus, go online and pick an animal friend whose habitat you’ll help protect through The Nature Conservancy. 50¢ of the purchase goes to The Nature Conservancy.

You can learn more about us by visiting www.idbids.com

Retail price, $29.99 available throughout U.S. and Canada in retail stores including REI in the U.S. this holiday season. See the store locator at www.idbids.com.

projectH2oProject Earth H2O has created reusable water bottles that are BPA-free and made of stainless steel.  The company (www.projectearthh2o.com) was founded with the goal of eliminating single-use water bottles (many of which have been linked to a toxic, potential cancer-causing chemical called BPA).  Brian Denton realized something needed to be done in response to the nation’s insatiable thirst for bottled water.  The thought of some 38 billion single-use bottles ending up in landfills each year lead him to create a reusable stainless steel bottle that’s intended to last.  The bottles, which hold 27 ounces, come in four colors; blue (Ocean), silver (Air), green (Earth) and now pink (Get Pink).  They are sold online for $17.99 — that includes free S&H and a sport cap.


$2 from every “Get Pink” bottle sold goes breast cancer research (this is a year-round effort).  $2 of every Ocean, Earth and Air bottle is also donated to non-profit environmental & humanitarian charities dedicated to making a difference. ✔

We were sent a water bottle, and what can I say? It’s a great thing to keep around! I’m always forgetting to drink water, so having a bright water bottle around that reminds me to drink water… and help the planet in the meanwhile.. is a good thing!

vapurReaders who are looking for “green” and affordable stocking stuffers this holiday season can grab the new Vapur™ – the only affordably priced, reusable, flexible water bottle designed for on-the-go consumers.

Unlike traditional water bottles, Vapur is lightweight and flexible – it stands upright when full and can be rolled, folded or flattened when empty, conveniently fitting into pockets, purses, briefcases and packs – and makes a great stocking stuffer!  It also comes with a sturdy clip that can snap on to any bag, backpack or keychain.

Users will love its “squeezability,” bright colors (blue, pink and green) and portability.  Gift-givers will love its price – $8.95 for an individual bottle or $29.95 for a family pack.  Both are available on Vapur.us or Amazon.com.  Vapur is less than half the cost of most reusable water bottles, and offers even more savings for a family four pack.

Vapur is highly durable, dishwasher safe, freezeable and BPA-free (a toxic chemical found in many plastic containers that can leach into the container and be ingested by humans).

Additionally, the environmental benefit of using the Vapur is huge.  Reusable bottles help reduce the estimated 60 million  plastic water bottles that are disposed in  landfills each day in America alone, according to the Container Recycling Institute.  The Vapur bottle is manufactured in the U.S. and also ships flat thereby using far less space (and weight) to transport than either plastic or rigid water bottles, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint that is significantly less than other plastic bottles.

ecoditty_fan2eco-dittyâ„¢ is the new eco-friendly way to get your sandwiches and snacks OUT of plastic bags and INTO 100% organic cotton. eco-dittyâ„¢ is a mom-owned company in Nederland, Colorado.

When you use an eco-dittyâ„¢ bag to carry your perishable and dry food items, you’re keeping a plastic sack out of the landfill and dangerous toxins like BPA and PVC out of your body. Just wash and use it again and again!

2 sizes are currently available:

snackditty – for snacks on the town or on the trail!

Perfect for dry goods like crackers and trail mix or perishables like apple slices and carrots.

measures 6 x 4 inches  Retail $8.99

wichditty – for sandwiches any way you like em! Great for wraps and snacks too.

measures 7.25 x 6 inches  Retail $11.99

All of our fabrics are made of 100% organic cotton and printed with low-impact inks and dyes. eco-dittyâ„¢ bags have a colorful pattern outside and un-dyed organic cotton liners. Unique hook and loop closure allows you to vary the size of your bag. Wash them by hand, in the washing machine or even the dishwasher!

Made in Colorado using domestic and imported 100% organic cotton.


pact_identity5I’m not above showing off some undies… especially when it helps the planet! Check out PACT Apparel underwear!

Each underwear print is connected to one of PACT’s three, inaugural nonprofit partners, Oceana, ForestEthics and 826 National, and 10 percent of the sale price goes to back to these organizations to support their work. Every part of PACT’s manufacturing process is socially and environmentally sustainable and certified at the highest possible levels. PACT’s company motto is change starts with your underwear. You can also go to our website, http://www.wearpact.com to learn more about PACT and our nonprofit partners.

Here just a little information about each cause: Oceana is the largest organization focused on ocean conservation, ForestEthics has protected over 65 million acres of endangered forests, and 826 National is a nonprofit tutoring, writing, and publishing organization with locations in seven cities across the country. Attached are some pictures of the underwear which come in both the pattern and solid style for each design. The underwear can be purchased on the PACT Web site and range in price from between $18 and $25.

ecototeEco Totes: The Eco Totes are a perfect way for Moms or Dads to go green and eliminate plastic waste while staying organized and not adding any more clutter to the home. The Eco Tote is one of the strongest and most durable reusable bags on the market and it’s still capable of packing down small enough to fit on a key chain so you have it with you when you need it most. Many people these days are collecting reusable bags and they’re just ending up in the same place as the plastic bags, under the sink or in a closet.  The ability to keep the bags with you in your purse, pocket or car is enabling people everywhere to be environmentally conscious and

ecototes continued..

prepared.  Eco Tote bags are not just for shopping, they can be used as a gym bag, for kids to take their lunch to school, for traveling or anything you’d use a tote for. When not in use just pack them down into the attached pouch and they hardly take up any space at all. The perfect stocking stuffer (or use them as the stocking!), they’re available in 3 different sizes ($7-$12) and a wide assortment of colors.

goodygreenbagGoody Green Bag! Goody Green Bags are eco-trendy reusable bags designed for the style conscious & environmentally friendly shopper. Goody Green Bags are perfect for those seeking functional, fun and affordable “green” products.

Why we’re different….

-Functional and stylish alternative to paper or plastic bags

-Trendy patterns make it fresh and fun to save our planet

-Easily fold down to the size of an envelope for handy use

-Affordable price makes it easy to balance being green while staying stylish

Goody Green Bags are perfect for browsing the farmers market, trips to the grocery store, mall shopping, picking up take out, and toting baby supplies! They easily fold up and can be stored in your glove compartment, purse or pocket for easy access. The compact size is perfect for travel and our bags fold out to a full size tote ideal for a gym bag, beach bag or souvenir carry-on for your trip home. Goody Green Bags make a great eco-friendly gift for moms, hostesses, new parents and trend setting friends and family members!

Our bags come in 2 sizes & 11 fabulous patterns so there’s a style for everyone! Goody Green Bags are $8.95-$9.95 each and are sold online at www.goodygreenbag.com. Our bags were selected as the official celebrity gift bag for the 2008 American Music Awards, Obama’s Celebrity & VIP Inauguration party, the 2009 Grammy “MusiCares” pre-party, and the 2009 Oscars pre-party. ✔

We were sent a Goody Green Bag to check out. I like how convenient they are as far as folding down very small, and having plenty of room to pack in the groceries. It seems like something I can keep in the glove box of my car, or even my purse! Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to use it just yet. It arrived with a small hole in the bottom where stitching was missed. Not a big deal. I’m going to run it through my sewing machine when I get a chance. No I did not mention it to the company because it’s something I can fix myself. They were generous enough to send one out to me. 🙂

togowareutensilDesigned to eliminate the tons of plastic waste that end up in our landfills and oceans due to single-use plastic and biodegradable cutlery, To-Go Ware’s RePEaT utensils and utensil holders are a healthy, non-toxic, environmentally-friendly alternative for life on-the-go, to be used year after year. The utensils are made of sustainable, durable and non-toxic bamboo. The holders give plastic bottles a second shot at a useful life – and an opportunity to stay out of landfills and oceans. Made out of RPET (recycled PET plastic), they are called “RePEaT” because they let plastic reincarnate into something kinder and gentler. A handy carabiner on the back allows them to be easily carried everywhere, clipped to a diaper bag, laptop bag, briefcase, purse, belt-loop or backpack. Retails for $22.95-$24.99.


To-Go Ware stainless steel food carriers (tiffins) also make eating on the go a healthier, hip, convenient choice. BPA-free, non-leaching, durable and lightweight container, they are easy to carry and clean. Great for both cold or hot foods. The self-latching top container lets you use it solo or as a full system! Each tiffin comes with a small sidekick inside for toting dressings or sauces. Multiple units keep foods separate until ready to eat, perfect for picky eaters. To-Go Ware tiffins come in three styles, 2 tier, 3 tier or Classic. Retails for $11.95.

windowoftimeA Window of Time is a beautiful, eco-friendly, perpetual calendar designed to replace the annually-purchased paper calendar.  A Window of Time clings to any number of surfaces including windows, refrigerators and mirrors.  At $12.99, it is inexpensive enough to give as a fun hostess gift, a thoughtful holiday present for your child’s favorite teacher, or a novel stocking stuffer.  Use with dry erase markers and clean with a soft cloth, and it will last for years.  A photo and more information is below.  A Window of Time can be purchased on the web at www.awindowoftime.net.

ecorationsWhile you’re wrapping up all of your Christmas gifts this year, consider Ecorations! Ecorations is all about chic and eco-friendly gift giving.  We offer unique, affordable fabric gift wraps and bags.   Our gift sacks, apparel box wraps, gift pouches, gift totes and wine bags sport original designs and come in 10 fabric combinations.  Most of our gift bags are reversible, making it easy to use and re-use them for various occasions throughout the year!  Of our entire line of wraps and bags, we think that our best selling 2009 feature product, the Santa Sack, would make a great holiday gift idea to be included in your guide.  Here’s why…

Crumbled up paper wrapping & smashed up bows be gone!  This festive and durable Santa Sack is made of 100% organic cotton.   Perfect for toting around holiday gifts or monogrammed and propped beneath the tree to be filled with gift s on Christmas Eve.  The Santa Sack is great for moms looking to save time, money and the environment. No more individually wrapped gifts under the tree, each child in the family can have their very own Santa Sack waiting for them every Christmas morning!  Children are sure to be delighted to know that Santa has filled up their very own sack with their Christmas wish list.  They’re sure to love digging into their sack and pulling out gift after gift.   This holiday season; spend more time having fun with the kids and less time stressing over wrapping gifts.

Ecorations Santa Sack retails for just $18.50 (monogramming $12.00) and can be purchased at our site.

Want to print this out and take it shopping with you?

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  1. Being as green as possible is so important. There is a site that I love to shop at Clean Spirited, http://www.cleanspirited.com/ They sell eco friendly organic apparel and bath and body products including lots of organic and natural hair care. And, each product has rating telling customers how green it is. One dollar from every order is donated to environmental causes. I love it!

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