DIY Sweet Treats For Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and one of the more popular gifts for this holiday, besides flowers, or jewelry, is sweets… We all love sweets. Sometimes we buy a box of chocolates, or sometimes we get some cupcakes, sometimes, we get both because we’re not sure which would be enjoyed more…

Something that a lot of people may not think about is, what about making something together? You get to have some fun in the kitchen, and spend time with each other… I mean… if you like that sort of thing! These are also perfect for making with the kids! Mine love baking!

I was tasked with finding some cool Valentine’s Baking items at my local Walmart store, and there was  A LOT to choose from!


I found two baking kits that seemed like they would be fun to try out!


First, I made the Brownie Hearts kit, and while that was baking, I started mixing the Royal Hearts cookie dough! Both were very easy to make, needing only a few ingredients from your kitchen.


The Brownie Hearts Baking Kit contains 6 foil pans, Brownie Mix, Frosting Mix, Brown icing for writing, and heart shaped candy sprinkles. All you have to add is oil, egg, water, butter, milk, and powdered sugar.


The Sugar Cookie Kit contains the cookie mix, icing, coloring, a cookie cutter, and piping bags! From your kitchen, you’ll need butter, egg, water and powdered sugar. You can also use toothpicks on the icing to decorate the cookies.

Each kit took maybe 45 mins from start to finish, and of course, we had to taste them! We liked the sugar cookies the best!

You can find these kits in the Valentine’s Day Seasonal Section of your local Walmart store! Check them out! Let me know what you think of them!

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