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Decorating Your Home for the Holidays

Walmart makes decorating your home for the holidays so easy! From Christmas Trees, to Stockings, they have everything you need at their every day low prices, which means you’ll get more for your money!

This year, I wanted to add a couple of small touches to our home decor, and while I couldn’t find some of the more popular items that I wanted, I did pick up a few things that were a little bit unexpected. I picked up 4 red throw pillows that I turned into really cool Poinsettia pillows, with supplies picked up at Walmart. I also picked up a couple of really cute Wall Vinyl decorations for my living room. I think that the one thing that I am most excited about though, is my stair rail. I had so much fun putting this together after seeing it in a fleeting moment before my Pinterest refreshed…

It’s really easy, and all I needed was a few things from my local Walmart store!

I already had some Christmas toys , but I wanted the rail to look like they were sliding down and playing in the snow. I went to Walmart and picked up a pack of  battery operated LED Christmas lights. I got some Command picture hanging strips to hold the battery pack on the wall, and bought some quilt batting to cover the lights to make it look like snow! After this, I took a couple of the girls’ stuffed animals, and made little scarfs out of felt for them if they needed a little winterizing. To keep them from sliding down, I used a sewing pin to connect their bottom or back to the batting… To complete the look, I used the Command metal hooks on the side of the stairs to hang some evergreen garland, and cut the flowers from a bunch that I picked up in the artificial flowers section of the craft area.

I thought this was a really easy, cute and whimsical way to add some holiday decor to the entry way, and the kids love it!

What’s one of your favorite decorations in your home?


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