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This Valentine's Day, Create Your Own Conversation Hearts

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and we are all very familiar with those cute little heart candies with little saying on them like, “Be Mine” or “Hot Stuff”. Cute little sayings that can start a conversation, or give a big smile, but have you ever wished that your conversation heart could say what you were really thinking? Believe it or not, now they can.

This year, and only at your local Walmart store, you can find Brach’s Create Your Own Conversation Hearts.

ValentineCookiesWith Brach’s Create Your Own Conversation Heart you can write your own message on a candy heart with a food safe pen. Create a personalized message for your loved ones and friends. You can have so much fun with these!  You could use them to decorate your baking, decorate cards, have your kids write their own messages to you and your family, or possibly even write messages to their friends at school. I can even see creating a cool little Valentine’s mini scavenger hunt with these…. Just make sure the family pet won’t get to them first!

My girls were so excited to try them out, they just couldn’t wait to get their hands on the foods safe pen and have fun! They wrote out hearts to each other, and they wrote out hearts to decorate their cookies with! They thought it was so cool that they could write just about whatever cute sayings they wanted on the hearts!

There are so many uses for these Create Your Own Conversation Hearts, that I am actually excited about using them too!

If you’d like to check them out also, remember, they can only be found at your local Walmart stores! Be sure to share how you used them in the comments below!!!

Have fun!


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