The time I was really glad I stocked up on Rayovac

Last Summer, we had our first experience with a hurricane in North Carolina. Hurricane Irene decided to turn towards the NC coast, and we were close enough to the coast to catch a good part of it. Most of the night, we were doing ok. We had power, we had cable, we had everything we needed. Just.In.Case.

Somewhere around 1 or 2 am, our power finally went out. That meant no more news on the TV. No more lights. It was scary. Our emergency back up lights went on, but they wouldn’t last forever. We dug out the girls’ little boom box, and found our stash of Rayovac batteries. C’s, D’s, and AAA’s. We were ready for just about anything. We powered our radio and kept up with the news alerts. We had flashlights and lanterns set up so we wouldn’t be in the dark. We even had our mobile phone chargers ready.

This year, we are so ready. We made sure to replenish our battery stash, and we keep our mobile phone chargers ready for any time use! Hopefully we won’t have to deal with any major storms this year, but I do know that we are ready for them with our Rayovac gear!

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