Summer fun ideas with the kids

The weather is getting warmer! The first official days of Summer come in June! What are you going to do with the kids to keep cool??  Check out some of these ideas!

1. Set up the sprinklers! Filling a pool takes up so much water, and what happens when you’re done with it? It all drains into a puddle somewhere in your yard. If you use a sprinkler, you’ll save on water. You can move it around to water different parts of your lawn. Don’t worry… The kids will follow it! You’ll also be able to hear the squeals of laughter as they run through the cold water!

2. Give the kids spray bottles full of water! You don’t need to spend lots of money on expensive water guns! You can get a pack of spray bottles at just about any store for a couple of dollars! Let the kids decorate them with permanent markers, fill them up with water and let them chase each other! They’ll have fun setting the water from mist to stream! Be ready with buckets for them to get a quick refill!

3. Wash your cars! Seriously! Get the cars clean while the kids have fun! My girls love to wash the cars! They’ll wash for a while, and then spray things down, then spray each other. It might take a little bit longer than taking it to the car wash, but the whole family can have fun this way!

4. Play hot potato… with a sponge! Get the kids in a circle. Have the first child dunk a large sponge in a bucket and play hot potato with it! As they catch the sponge it’ll splash on them! Whoever has the “hot potato” when the music stops has to squeeze the water on themself! Be sure to keep the sponge full of water!

5. Make a “Kid Wash” as seen in Family Fun Magazine! It requires some PVC pipe, connectors, sponges, and other cool things. Check it out on the Family Fun website! I loved this idea and just had to share it!

The most important part of all of this, is to just have fun! Spend time with your family and enjoy the Summer! Before you know it, it will be time to get ready to go back to school!

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1 thought on “Summer fun ideas with the kids

  1. Hey Monica! Thanks for the fun ideas! My kids love to play with the hose, so I let them go crazy watering the plants or washing off the patio. They also love to play with bubbles…it’s a biggie at our house!

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