TRESemme Reverse Hair Care System

Condition, then Shampoo… Sounds a bit counter productive, doesn’t it? That’s what I thought too… I think I was wrong.

I was sent the new Tresemme Beauty- Full Volume collection, that reverses your hair care regimen, to some great results!

I swim a lot, so chlorine is a concern for my hair. I have spent a lot of money on products that promise to protect, condition, and prevent damage. I don’t know if they actually do, but I buy them and hope for the best. I still notice my hair is dry, and on super dry days, my hair is full of static and tangles easily. For this reason, alone, I hate wearing my hair down. It’s almost always up in a bun or a ponytail. Until recently.

I have used this new system for the last two weeks now, and have really liked it!


You start with the Full Volume Pre-Wash Conditioner. Massage it into your hair and let sit for just a minute, and rinse out. Next, wash with the Full Volume Shampoo and you’re done!


For Styling, there is the Full Volume Hair Spray, Mousse, or Hair Maximizer.

I typically wash my hair 4 times a week, or more if needed. What’s really funny is, my girls, who love braiding my hair, or just playing with it sometimes, have noticed a difference in how smooth and soft it is, and have asked to use the system as well. Of course, I let them try it out too! They are both trying to keep the products in their shower now! Silly girls! I’ll have to buy them their own!

Below are a couple of pics of our hair after using the TRESemme Full Volume products. My hair was conditioned, washed and styled using the Hair Maximizer, and Hair Spray. My daughter’s hair was just conditioned and washed.

You can pick up the entire TRESemme Beauty Full Volume Collection at your local Walmart Store for just under $5 each! Talk about a bargain!

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