DIY- Rustoleum Makeover

I love painting things. I really do. I was recently surprised with an item from Rustoleum, and they wanted to see what I could do with it. How could I transform it using their paints? I was a little nervous, not knowing what I was going to receive, but when I opened my box, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it!

I was going to make a sign that we have wanted for some time! I haven’t made any wooden pallet signs yet, so this was a little bit of an experiment for me. How difficult could it be, right? I went down to my local Walmart store to pick up some Rust-oleum paint!

Check out my video how to… Don’t want to watch? Scroll down for the print DIY with photos!

I started with painting the whole thing a dark brown.


While waiting for this to dry, I went over to my computer and started to create my stencils.

designOnce they were cut and peeled out, I placed them on the dried brown pallet.

I realized that I totally did it backwards. I should’ve started with the white paint, and placed the individual letters down before painting the brown… It’s ok.. I took the time to peel and place the letters over the painted letters, and then re-spray the brown.

Here is the finished product!


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