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DIY- Change Out Your Old Shower Head

There are several little things around our house that we have been meaning to upgrade since buying our home. Of course, there are some really big projects, but one small task that I wanted to tackle sooner, rather than later, was changing out our shower heads. We have been using the ugly, boring ones that came with the shower, and they just aren’t working for us.

I decided, my sister visiting was a perfect excuse to get a new one and change it out. Not only would she have a better shower to use, but later on, we could definitely use the new one to give the dogs a bath without breaking our backs.

I went to my local Walmart store and picked up a new Eco Flow Shower Head from Waterpik for about $20. It has several settings and a 5 foot hose, which I really am happy about. Installation was very quick and easy, and I am extremely happy with my purchase…

Have you wanted to change out your shower head, but not sure how to do it? Check out this quick how to video and see just how easy it really is!

What DIY project have you been putting off getting done? Is it something super simple?

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