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Spring Time Must Have Items

The warmer weather is slowly starting to make its way into our lives. That means it’s time to pick up some much needed Spring Weather accessories!

Here in coastal NC, we are just getting most of our warm weather goodies in at our local Walmart store, so I, and my daughters, decided to check things out as they were being put out!

We loved the colors that were coming out! Lots of pretty pastels and very Spring like colors… but I really loved the BOLD colors that were coming out too!

Here’s one of my daughters oogling over the new Spring dresses! She really liked that floral one up front.


They found me a really pretty new top to wear with jeans or capris:


I also picked up a couple of really pretty things:

I picked all three of these items for under $30! Can you believe it?? I know! I was pleasantly surprised too!

While shopping, I did notice that tassels were just about everywhere! On shirts (see the blue one above), on purses and on necklaces. Tassels are definitely in this season! Oh, by the way, that necklace… Only $5… and the purse, under $10… Yes.. I love that hot pink purse! It has lots of room in a small package!

My Spring must haves— some tank tops, purses to go with them, and headbands are three things I need to get through. I’ll get a new pair of shorts or capris as needed, but you can find those through out the season!

Check out your local Walmart store, or for some great Spring Fashions! What are some of your must have items for the Spring season???

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