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Time to Get Organized!

We always try to organize our things… but sometimes life just gets a little too busy, and we start letting those things stray a bit from their homes… My craft room is a BIG example of this… I’ll set up my shelves, and drawers, and after buying a few new things, and kids taking supplies out for projects and not putting things back… It gets a little cluttered and messy!


See what I mean? This is only part of the shelves! I have my work cut out for myself!

I needed to figure something out, so I headed over to my local Walmart store to see what solutions they had available to me!

I saw the typical large storage boxes, so I picked up a drawer, and some larger ones for the big things… But I was really looking for something to organize my shelves… I was looking for something not too terribly expensive, since I knew I’d have to buy a few of them, and these caught my eye.


About the size of a shoe box, and less than $1 a piece! I was sold! I picked up a few of them, some with pink, some with green lids… Thinking that might help me distinguish between craft items inside…. But I needed something else to make it easier to know what I put inside them. I remembered the Duck brand chalkboard laminate I bought for my kitchen wall, and headed over to the shelf liner section.

board adhesive

There it was, on the bottom shelf, next to white board laminate! COOL! I  picked up one roll of each for future projects.

Once I got home, I cleared my shelves off and got to work..

I took this mess:



Used these supplies:

and turned it into this organized shelf:


I have about 11 more of these shelves to empty and organize, but I’m already liking where this is going! I guess I should get back to work!

What are some of your favorite organizing tools? We love flat bins… especially as under the bed storage!

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