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New Year, New You- Athletic Wear Refresh

When I’m working on losing weight, and actually being successful, I don’t want to spend a ton of money on athletic wear…. but I still want to look good while I’m working out! That’s why I buy all of my athletic clothing at my local Walmart store!
I know, a lot of folks probably think, inexpensive clothes aren’t cute, or well made, but to be honest, I’ve been buying Danskin and Avia clothing at Walmart and have had them outlast some of the bigger name brand items that I have owned. They have been really durable, holding up in the wash, comfortable, and I have received a lot of compliments on my outfits!

Walmart has athletic wear in various styles, from shorts and tank tops to leggings and long sleeves… Yes, they have capris and short sleeved tops too! Most of their items have coordinating pieces, i.e. pants, top, jacket, and sometimes sports bra! You can mix or match whatever pieces you need for a really great price!

Check it out!

The Danskin line is cute, and holds up really well. Prices range depending on the item, but they are all very affordable!


The AVIA line is a little more expensive, but still quite affordable. Look to these for fun patterns!

I grabbed a couple of separates from Danskin… I needed another pair of full length performance leggings, and a short sleeve T-Shirt for my 1/2 Marathon training. I’ve already worn them and LOVE how they fit! Got both pieces for about $20. It’s a great deal!

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