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DIY Custom Halloween Costume

Halloween will be here before we know it, and everyone is scrambling for costumes. Of course the pre-made costumes are quick and easy, but sometimes they seem like a lot of money to spend for a couple of hours of wear. Besides… How many princesses will you see that look EXACTLY like your costume??? Why not make your costume instead of buy one already done? You can totally customize it to exactly what you want.

I ran out to my local Walmart store to get everything I needed to make my own costume. My first stop was the craft section! There were all different types of patterns available, from general costume pieces, to licensed character costumes. My daughter loved the capes on the Simplicity pattern she found, so I chose that one. I figured a cape would be pretty versatile anyway. I can use it multiple times for a Vampire, Witch, or a few other costumes too…

I picked up everything that the long cape called for, thinking that I’d make it just as patterned. I ended up making a couple of changes as I made it, just because.

I used this as a chance to teach my daughter how to sew with a pattern. She’s been wanting to learn more about sewing, so this was a perfect chance!

 The first step is to read all of the directions! These will tell you how to fold, how many to cut, and where to pin everything. I set up the fabric, pinned and cut everything that I needed. I actually decided at this point, to add a hood to this pattern, rather than just the collar, so I cut those pieces as well. 

After everything is cut, take your time sewing everything, making sure all sections match up and all hems are completed. Pin the ribbon in place and sew it in with the hem.

Once all was sewn and completed, I tried it on, but for photo purposes, I put it on my daughter’s dress form.


This cape took me about 90 minutes to make from start to finish, and while I didn’t end up using everything I thought I would, I know that I can return them to the store with a receipt and get more things to put towards my custom costume!


Check out your local Walmart for everything you need this Halloween!


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