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Quick and Easy Halloween Table Decoration

I was out shopping at my local Walmart store the other day, looking for pieces to decorate the house with for Halloween this year. I loved the glitter covered spiders and found a really pretty witch’s hat. I knew that I had to make something with these… I needed something for my dining table, so I figured, this would make a great centerpiece for decorating when we aren’t actually sitting at the table.

Here’s what I bought:


Witch’s hat with feather boa brim

Glitter spiders

Spool of 6″ black tulle ribbon

Battery operated LED lights (from the Christmas section)

Glue sticks

Poly-fill stuffing

How I made it:

The Poly-Fill stuffing is used to stuff the cone of the hat and give it a good shape. Fill just enough to hold the cone shape, but not too much that it bulges out.


The LED Lights are on a wire, and form easily around the cone of the hat. Pinch the end closed at the top of the cone, and circle around the cone until the battery pack ends up at the back of the hat.

Loosely wrap the tulle around the cone, in order to barely hide the LED wires. Twist every so often to add some body to the tulle.

Glue on the Spiders randomly throughout the tulle! I also placed a couple on the brim of the hat too!

This project can be done with other decorations too. I couldn’t find any skeletons or birds or bats, otherwise I would have added some of those as well. Get creative and have fun with it though! I bought all of this at my local Walmart store, for less than $20, and you can too!

What are some of your favorite ways to decorate for Halloween?

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