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Lay's Do Us A Flavor Contest is BACK!

You may have seen a whole lot of Facebook and Instagram posts from me back in early January, mentioning that I was in Plano, TX, hanging out at the Lay‘s Flavor Kitchen, filming a recipe for North Carolina Barbecue…. Well, I was, and I finally get to tell you all about WHY!

So, do you remember last year, when Lay’s had a contest for people all across America to create their own Lay’s® Potato Chips Flavor? The winner in 2014 was Wasabi Ginger, and Yes… It’s delicious!!!

This year, Lay’s has a theme for their 2015 Do Us A Flavor Campaign, and they want to know The Tastes of America… What flavor makes your hometown unique?

This year, I got to be a part of the behind the scenes of the Do Us A Flavor creations, and got to do some recipe building with Lay’s Chef Jody Denton in the Lay’s Flavor Kitchen. I was selected to show my inspiration for a Lay’s Chip Flavor, and filmed my recipe for North Carolina Pulled Pork Barbecue.

It all started off with a quick meeting to learn more about how the Lay’s Flavor Kitchen works, and how they come up with some of the most amazing flavors, all from a thought, or real food recipe. Now, I can’t give away any of their secrets, but I can tell you, It is pretty cool!

Next was Make-up! Quick little touchups as needed, and a little bit of hair primping…. Then it was on to the set! I sent them my inspiration story beforehand, so I knew everything I had planned on saying… but once that camera is rolling and the lights are on you, it was hard not to flub a couple of lines… Luckily, we had a couple of takes to get things smooth…

Once our filming was done, we were free to hang out while the rest of our group did theirs… Of course we couldn’t help but take a few selfies with the Lay’s Flavor Kitchen in the background… I mean.. How many times would I ever get to do something so cool??

And of course, once everyone’s nerves had calmed, and we wrapped up filming for the event, we all got in on some photos with Chef Jody Denton! We had a blast, and what an experience it was!!! I’ll never forget it! The coolest part of it all… Now you can see my video on the www.walmart.com/dousaflavor Contest page! Click on the pulled pork sandwiches labeled “South East” and click on the video to see my inspiration for a Lays Potato Chip Flavor!

More about the contest:

Since January 20th, fans have been invited to submit their ideas for their next great potato chip flavor for the chance to win a $1 Million Grand Prize (or one percent of their flavor’s net sales from July 15 2015- July 15, 2016, whichever is higher!)

Fans can submit their flavor suggestions on the Do Us A Flavor website – www.walmart.com/dousaflavor, directly on www.dousaflavor.com, through Twitter (follow @Lays for details), through the LAY’S brand’s facebook page, or by using their cell phone to text FLAVOR to CHIPS (24477) and follow the prompts.

Check out my recipe video for North Carolina Barbecue, and also check out some of my fellow Walmart Mom’s recipes as well! We hope that we can inspire you to come up with your next chip flavor!

Good luck on the contest!!! I can’t wait to see what flavors come out next!

*Disclosure- I partnered with Frito-Lay for this blog post and was compensated for my photos and original DIY creation. 



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