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Fall Leaves Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Now that I have an amazing table, that was hand made by my dear, sweet husband, I love decorating the table for the holidays. This year, I’m adding a little bit of craftiness to the table. A friend showed me a really cute mason jar center piece that I really wanted to try to make for our table.

What you need:

How you make it:

Make sure your jars are clean! Wipe down with alcohol wipes and get all oils off of the glass

Brush on a light layer of Modge Podge on the jar to act as the glue.

Once it’s a little bit tacky, place the leaf where you want it, and then cover with a layer of modge podge to hold it down. It’s up to you how flat you place your leaves on the jar. It will dry clear!

Let the first layer dry completely, and add a second thin layer to cover.

I let my leaves stick up a little bit on the tips just so it would be a more natural look. Some would rather completely flatten the leaves against the jar, and that’s totally up to you!

Once it has dried completely, you should not see any Modge Podge. Place a candle inside and set up your centerpiece! I use an artificial pumpkin and leaf garland on my Better Homes and Gardens Burlap Table Runner!

All of these items are available at your local Walmart stores, or online at!

What does your Thanksgiving table look like?



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