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Bet On Your Baby is Back!

Last year, ABC, Luvs & Walmart brought us a new show called Bet On Your Baby… Every parent thinks they know their baby well, but are they willing to bet on it? In the show, hosted by actress and comedienne Melissa Peterman, parents will try to predict their child’s next move in an effort to win money for their child’s future education.

It was such a great success that they’re bringing it back this year! We saw quite a few parents take home the grand prize of $50,000 last time!

BOYBsquareThis Saturday, May 31st at 8/7 C, on ABC, you can watch all the excitement happen again, and just like last year, all of the toys you see on the show are available to purchase at your local Walmart stores or on Walmart.com!

To get in on the excitement, we decided to try our own little challenge here at home… My girls are a lot older than the kids on the show, so we had to come up with something good… We didn’t tell them what we were doing, and totally tried to trick them… just to see what would happen.

Our set up was that we were going to do a craft using some snack foods… We had to go upstairs to the craft room to grab the rest of the supplies, but we wanted our Alexandra to hang out downstairs to keep the dog away from the food for a few minutes and wait for us. We took bets on whether or not she would try to sneak one of the snacks or not… We put a plate of Oreo cookies and dark chocolate covered pomegranates (her two favorite snack items) on the table in front of her, set up a hidden camera, and off we went!

Can you guess what she did? Did she sneak one or leave them alone?? You’ll have to watch the video to find out!


Tune-in to Bet on Your Baby on ABC at 8/7c Saturday evenings! Also… if you’re on Twitter, use hashtag #betonyourbaby to share the excitement, and as an incentive to spread the word, Luvs is donating 1 diaper for every tweet using this hashtag upto 10k diapers!


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