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How Do YOU Celebrate Summer?

Really! How do you celebrate Summer?


Well, Summer is pretty crazy here sometimes, so we celebrate our Summer in a few ways. Let me explain.

There’s a saying here in North Carolina… “If you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes, and it’ll change.” I can tell you that this is so true, especially during the Summer.

Playing in the rainSometimes our Summer is wet. This is our rainy season, and we get a lot of  large downpours of rain. Sometimes they are part of a passing thunderstorm, other times it’s just a whole heap of rain. It’s still quite warm outside, and what child doesn’t like splashing around in puddles? As long as there isn’t any thunder or lightning, I let the girls get their rain boots on and have fun! Sometimes they’ll grab an umbrella, sometimes they won’t… but they always have a huge smile on their face when they’re out there playing in the rain. Those are moments they’ll always remember as they grow up, and I’ll never forget the laughs and giggles as they try to chase me in the rain too. Just make sure that you have plenty of towels set up by your front door so everyone can dry off as soon as they get back into the house!

BeachSometimes our Summer is HOT! For those times, we like to spend our time at the pool, or even make a special trip out to the beach. No matter how much time we spend outdoors, we always make sure that we have plenty of sunscreen. We get a bunch of water toys, our boogie boards, and beach towels, pack up the van with snacks, and beach chairs and umbrellas, and head out for the day! We’ve gone with friends, family, and even just the 4 of us. We always have a great time enjoying the sand, sun and surf…

wallSometimes our Summer is just right. This Summer has actually been very mild. We’ve had some beautiful temps and the humidity hasn’t been terribly bad. When the weather is just right, we celebrate that by going outdoors! Whether that’s Barbecuing with friends, or climbing rock walls, and conquering an obstacle course high up in the trees, we make sure we have our mosquito repellant and protection other pesky bugs, especially when we’re in the woods!

Another absolutely awesome part of our Summer months are the beautiful sunsets. Enjoying these doesn’t take anything special. Just a moment to stop, and take in the awesomeness that is in the skies.


As you can see, “celebration” means something a little different here. While it can definitely include parties, we really like to celebrate Summer by just experiencing as much as we can during one of the best times of the year! We can always know that no matter where we go, we’ll be able to do more because we saved money on all of our supplies! We get just about everything we need at our local Walmart stores, and with Walmart’s Every Day Low Prices and Ad Match guarantee, I know that we are getting the best deals! I also know that no matter where we go, there’s sure to be a Walmart near by, so if we forget something, I know we’re covered!

So tell me, how do YOU celebrate Summer???



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