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Longer Shelf Life from Rayovac Batteries with Ready Power

Have you heard the news?

Rayovac is super excited about a new technology that allows their alkaline batteries to have a longer shelf life. Don’t be afraid to stock up for emergencies, gift giving, etc! Rayovac batteries can live on for up to 10 years!

Rayovac batteries with Ready Power will far exceed the 7-year shelf life of previous batteries and are now guaranteed to stay fresh for up to 10 years. Multiple improvements in the construction and materials of Rayovac batteries have created a more durable alkaline product that holds power longer. Now you can rest easy knowing that Rayovac alkaline batteries last even longer in storage and you’ll always have power when you need it most.

Ready Power has made its debut as a result of significant advances in Rayovac’s alkaline battery technology. Several breakthrough product advancements have led to the development of Ready Power. They include numerous advances to help control the internal stability of the battery including improved electrolyte utilization, refined corrosion inhibitors, and the use of ultra-pure materials for long-term stability. The battery closure has also been made more robust, creating a tighter seal for maximum reliability. Alkaline products with Ready Power will also receive an updated packaging design to accompany the technological enhancements.

This is so awesome because we always have to make sure we have batteries in stock. We have them in our hurricane kit for our camping lanterns, flashlights and radios. We even have a bin of batteries in our craft room, just in case we need them for handheld game units, game controllers, remote controls, and anything else we have that takes batteries in our household. We try to stock up when they go on sale, or when we have coupons for them, so this is perfect!

Collect those coupons, scope out those sales, and stock up! Besides, just think of how many Christmas presents you might get and totally forget about grabbing batteries for them! Buy early and you’ll be prepared for the kids to play before the last bit of wrapping paper hits the floor!!

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