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I will never doubt a Genius!

Forget all the dirty nasty rumors you’ve ever heard about Apple support!! Well, at least, I will. My 1stGen iPhone has been having major issues lately. When I’m on the phone, the screen wouldn’t black out, so my ear or cheek would randomly push the keypad, or dial people in my contacts. Gotta love it. I couldn’t use the web in landscape mode, because when I turned the phone, the screen wouldn’t follow. To say the least, it was getting annoying. Well, Saturday evening, I made an appointment online to see a Genius at the Apple store in Arden Fair Mall, and figured they could at least tell me what’s wrong with it. I figured the darn thing was pretty much doomed, and I’d “have” to upgrade to a 3G.. Oh that would’ve been horrible LOL.. 

Well, we went in Sunday morning at 9:40am, checked in for our 9:50 appointment, and waited. The girls went straight for the kids’ table that now only consisted of 2 iMacs. It used to have 4, which was awesome. They did pretty well considering other kids came up a couple of times and one or the other of them had to give up their iMac so the other kids could play the games too.

When I was called to sit at the infamous “Genius Bar”, all I could think about was all of the nasty comments I’ve seen online about how horrible Apple Service is, how much they don’t care, or even help. The Genius took my phone, asked me a couple of questions, explained something to me about the case, and when I told him my problem happens even without the case, he asked if I got Apple Care. Yes I did.. He checked a couple of things in the computer, and magically, a little white box appeared… He gave me a new (refurbished) iPhone. I was so excited! I tried not to jump up and down! I signed a paper saying I gave up my old one, and cleared all of my personal information out of it… which I pretty much did.. 

When I walked out of the store, I had a new phone, it worked perfectly, and all I needed to do was plug it back into my iMac at home to restore my information to it… Amazing!!! I love my phone, and I love Apple!!!

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