Getting ready for an Easter Egg Hunt?

There is so much more to Easter Egg Hunting these days than just putting a bunch of hard boiled eggs out in the lawn… or at least, there can be! Check out these cool and fun ideas for making your Easter Egg Hunt cool for all ages!

Let’s start with the little ones!

Making the Easter Egg hunts fair is always a tough one. You’ll get the older kids scrambling to grab up as many eggs as they can while the younger ones are doing well just to keep from tipping their baskets over and dumping their eggs out. Try color coding or using certain stickers to mark your eggs. Depending on how many kids you have hunting, you might be able to allow each child to pick up a certain color egg or eggs with a certain sticker on them. If it’s not their color or sticker, they need to leave it alone for the “owner” of that egg. You can also use initials, or words… anything that will separate the eggs from each other.

Hidden prizes are always fun for kids if you use plastic Easter Eggs. Place a note inside or a small prize inside the plastic egg declaring that person the winner. We like to use the metallic “Golden” egg as a prize egg, and limit it to one per age group.

Older kids might enjoy a scavenger hunt! You can hide plastic eggs with small clue inside them telling them where they can continue looking for the big prize. Make sure you have a separate color for each person so that they don’t take someone else’s clue! You can also go Treasure Map style! Make a map of the hunting area with an “X” everywhere they can find an egg!

Rainy day have you down… Don’t worry, you can set up an Easter Egg Hunt indoors! Make maps of the inside of the house, and set boundaries. If you don’t want people going into your bedrooms, close the doors and put a sign on them saying so. You can hide things inside cabinets, under tables, under the couch… Get creative and hide them in places you wouldn’t think they’d be. You can use tape to replace a lightbulb with one (unplug the lamp beforehand), tape them to the underside of a dining room chair, or under counters. Make it fun!

Hosting Easter Egg hunts can be a lot of work, but they are so much fun. Just remember above everything else, keep safety first. Make sure you mark off boundaries, keep the kids away from areas that might be hazardous… If you can, put a sign at the end of your road mentioning that kids are Easter Egg Hunting and to go slow!

Hope you have a super fun Easter!!!

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