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Exercise… It's fun AND good for me!

So, if you follow my personal blog, you’ve probably seen some of my photos of my weight loss progress. If you don’t … check them out!

A lot of people have been talking to me about how I find the energy, or time, or motivation to keep working out, and the answers are simple…. I make time, I gain energy from exercising, and my little girls are my biggest motivation… oh, and those skinny jeans I have in the closet too.

You don’t have to block out hours of your day to fit in exercise! Exercise can be found in the smallest of tasks, and if you get your kids involved, they’ll be exercising and not even knowing it. Another great way to exercise is with a lot of the video game systems out now. The Wii, XBox 360 with Kinect, the Playstion 3 with Move… all have some fun games that offer some great exercise! Between the Wii Fit, the EA SPORTS Active series, and all of the Dance, Zumba and other games, there are some great excuses to play your video games with your kids! I love that many of these games are fairly easy that my girls enjoy them, and can tell me “Mommy! Let’s play a game!” and really enjoy it with me!

Motivation is a big factor for me. You know, you won’t see results right away. It took em a few months to really see anything, but after 8 months of exercise, I’ve lost 6 inches from my waist.. I recently bought some new jeans two sizes smaller than what I was wearing when I started… The key is to find something you really love, and you’ll stick with it. I started doing TaeKwonDo again when my girls started up, and I’ve loved it. It brought me back to something that was a big part of my life as a kid, and something I’m still pretty good at, and now, it’s something that I can help my girls with as they progress through the ranks. When Tiger Rock TaeKwonDo brought in Kisado, I knew I had to jump in and do it. It’s a blast, and I love the “Me” time that I get while the girls are in school. It’s my exercise, stress relief, and adult conversation time all in one.

Spring time is coming, and the weather is changing, so it’s going to be perfect time to get out with the family and have some fun! I have been waiting for the weather to change so I could start running, and I can’t wait.


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