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Celebrate a Local High School Student by Nominating Them For An M Award

Have you heard of the “M Awards”? If not, listen up!

The “M Awards, are sponsored by MISSIONAthlete and celebrate high school student-athletes who are role models in their communities. I have nominated Summer Huls, a graduating High School Senior from Northside High School. She is a true leader in her community as well as on the Lacrosse field, and I know she’s the perfect candidate for this Award! She’s not new to community service at all! She started back in middle school… and keeps getting involved everywhere she can… She’s a great role model as well… Here’s a little bit about her!


SummerLaX3I am Summer Huls, next year, I’m attending East Carolina University on my way to becoming a future a Elementary School Teacher!

Throughout middle school & high school, I have loved being a leader in a lot that I do. My 6th grade year I ran for middle school treasurer, and then was elected as treasurer that year for my school! Soon after that I moved back to NC, and attended New Bridge which only challenged me to work harder in academics &  socially. I did community service, and was a manger of the girls soccer team.

Summer_JDNEWSAfter middle school, came high school & all 4 years of high school I was a part of student council in some way.  My senior year, I was the Student Body President. But on top of that duty & all it entitles, I was President of FCA, a part of the S2S student ambassadors club, National Honor Society (over 10 hours in community service for my Junior & Senior year), I volunteered at Christmas Cheer each year when Christmas came around, and as any opportunity to help at my local church cam up, I took it, including helping for Sunday school for 2 years, being a leader at a kids camp (1year and Vacation Bible School (4years).  I always played an amazing sport called Lacrosse (captain my junior year & senior year), and was a Junior Varsity cheerleader my freshmen year!


SummerGradSummer is beyond humble. She doesn’t even mention how awesome she is as a daughter and a sister too… She loves God, her family and life in general… She works hard at everything she does, and doesn’t take anything for granted. I had to choose a couple of photos to share, but it was difficult. Her smile is infectious and she brings love and happiness to anyone she encounters… She’s truly a beautiful gal inside and out…

I know Summer isn’t the only student out there with some amazing accomplishments in sports and community volunteerism.

If YOU know any high school student in your community, that are deserving of this award…  nominate them today, time is running out! Nominations will only be accepted until July 15th!  http://themawards.org/

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