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Walmart- Your One Stop Shop for the Holidays

This Holiday season,  while you’re making your gift shopping list, think about all the time you could save, just by buying all in one place! Your local Walmart store is your one stop shop for everything Holiday!

Need Dishes? Walmart’s got it!


Need a new outfit or that Ugly Sweater? Walmart’s got it!


Need a quick gift for the office gift exchange? Walmart’s got you covered there too!


Toys? Of course, Walmart has plenty of those!


Don’t forget everything from Turkey, Ham and Dressing to Green Beans, Cranberry Sauce, and Wine! Walmart has everything you need.. and if it isn’t in your local store, you can be sure that Walmart.com has it there!

When you shop at Walmart,  you are getting some amazing deals with their every day low prices, but don’t forget that you can price match other local stores, and don’t forget about SAVINGS CATCHER! I’ve been scanning my receipts all year, and have a pretty good bit of money saved up for my e-Gift card! I can’t wait!

With all of this money you save, don’t forget about those less fortunate! Each store will have some giving initiative, whether it’s the Giving Tree, Toys for Tots, or Fill the Truck! Grab something special for someone who may not otherwise have a Christmas, and drop it in the box on the way out of the store! You won’t get to hear them say Thank You, but I’m sure you can imagine the squeals of happiness when they see that gift under the tree!


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