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Walmart Has All You Need for Your Summer Vacation!

School’s Out For Summer… and that means it’s time for a fun getaway… Whether that getaway is for a week, or just a weekend, you can bet that Walmart will have everything you need to get you through your trip!

We recently took a vacation on our first ever Disney Cruise… That meant ROAD TRIP! We needed to pick up a few things for our trip, so, of course we went over to our local Walmart to get our road trip essentials. Here are just a few ideas for your Summer Vacation/Stay-Cation!


The first item we grabbed was a First Aid Kit. Every road trip needs a First Aid Kit. You never know what kind of boo boos can happen with the kids in the car, or with them running around at pit stops. At only $9.47, you can’t pass this up! It is a must have item for our trips… and if you don’t use it, you’ll be prepared for bumps and cuts at home!


We knew that pretty much our entire vacation was going to be spent outdoors, between the cruise, and Universal Studios. Sunscreen was next on our list! Lots of sunscreen! We don’t take any chances when it comes to dealing with the Sun! We found some great deals on the Banana Boat Sunscreen on Rollback for just $5.94!


Last, but not least, we needed something that would be used, not just on this trip, but all Summer at the pool too! We needed some new beach towels! We found some really nice, big and plush towels from Better Homes & Gardens! We couldn’t pass these up!

There are lots of great deals on everything Summer, in the current Walmart Ad

How you are getting ready for fun in the sun at your house or while taking a Summer road trip.


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