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Last Minute Gift Ideas from Walmart

Christmas is coming up quickly! We are down to just 6 shopping days! Is there anyone on your list that you still need to grab a gift for? Is your company party coming up and you still haven’t gotten something for the gift exchange. Don’t worry! Walmart has you covered! Walmart is truly your one stop shop this Holiday Season! Grab the meat and cheese tray for the party, and get your gift exchange item too!

Not sure what to get? No problem! Grab something off of Walmart’s Top 100 Gifts list, or check out the Seasonal Gift Section of the store and you’ll find all kinds of ready to wrap gift items!

For the Techies:

·         Google Chromecast

·         Small Electronics

For the Car Enthusiasts:

·         Meguire’s Car Care Bucket

For the kids:

·         Small Toys

·         Kid’s Bubble Jackets


·         Taylor Swift Fragrance Gift Sets

·         Candles

·         Faded Glory Hoodies

·         $5 Hats/Gloves

·         Soaps/Lotion/Chapticks

·         Nestle Cocoa Gift Sets

·         Life Saver’s Candy Book

·         Gift Cards

I took a peek around my local store, and found a bunch of great last minute gift ideas! All of these are easy to grab, wrap and give, and with gifts at every price point, there’s sure to be something you will like!

There are always a few last minutes items that we need to pick up to complete our Christmas lists and Walmart makes it simple. Head on over to your local Walmart store, or go online to to complete your Christmas shopping list!


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