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Don't Forget The Rayovac Batteries!

Black Friday is quickly coming up, and that means LOTS of shopping for gifts. Many of the great deals will be on toys, and electronics, and something of these items need is, BATTERIES! Make sure you aren’t “That” gift giver!

Who is “That” gift giver? Well, picture this scenario:

It’s Christmas morning. Everyone is gathered around the Christmas Tree, opening presents. Someone gave you an awesome gift. It’s something you’ve wanted for a very long time. You open said gift, really excited to finally get a chance to use it, only to find that little tiny note on the bottom saying “Requires x batteries, not included”? Instant disappointment. But wait! You should have some left over from storm season, right? Where did you put them? UGH! Finally, you find them, and as you sit down to put them into your gift, you then remember that the toy you bought for your child required batteries too. The same size batteries that you need. As your child opens their gift, you think, did it come with batteries? No, it didn’t… But then you see a package of batteries taped to the back of the box. Oh, My, Goodness. The relief! Your spouse remembered to get the batteries! You get to keep the ones you found…

Yeah… Don’t be “That” gift giver! Don’t forget the batteries!

If you buy a gift, and it doesn’t come with batteries, make sure that you get batteries to give with it! Rayovac has some awesome deals on batteries that are sure to make everyone happy! Not only do they have awesome prices, but they even have coupons!!! Who doesn’t like a good coupon??

Check out the Printable Coupons tab on their Facebook page-

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