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Preparing for the Cold Weather

The weather out is finally starting to get cold, and by cold, I mean freezing! It’s October, and we are already in the 40’s overnight. We thought Fall would never get here, but Winter is coming quick! It’s about that time to get the house ready for the cold weather.

Believe it or not, there is a lot you can do to save money on your Winter heating bills… besides bundling up in blankets and sweats. Some products out there not only save you money on heating bills, but also save your house from some pretty significant problems that can occur during the freezing nights.

Duck Brand makes all kinds of really cool products for weatherizing your home. We actually got sent a few of their items to try out, and all of these are available at your local Walmart store, or online at!

While I didn’t get to try them all out, I did use the ones that we seemed to need the most right now. I tried out the Double Draft Seal, the Socket Sealers, and the Faucet Cover. All of these items were very easy to use, and took just a couple of minutes to get everything set up. 

First, the Double Draft Seal:

I followed the instructions for placing the foam rollers into the fabric cover, and then installing it on to our door.

Second, the Faucet Cover:

I removed the hose, put the loop around the faucet, and tightened the foam cover up around the faucet. Literally took a minute!

Third, the Socket Sealers:

This is one of the lesser thought of places to seal up in your home. Believe it, or not, cool air can come in through your walls. When we saw our house being built, I realized just how much space is in between these walls, and how many places cold air can make its way into my walls. Sure, they’re insulated, but that isn’t 100% protection.

Want to learn more tips about Winterizing your home? Check out this really cool infographic from Duck Brand!

All of these items, and more, are available right now from your local Walmart Store, and! Take a look for them in the Home Improvement section of the store!

Do you have any Winterizing tips for your home? Feel free to share them in the comments below!


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