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Taking Price Matching One Step Better

Has anyone ever looked through the weekly ads, and thought, “Wow… I wish all of these items could just be on sale all at one store!” Sometimes I wonder if I would spend more in gas, driving from store to store to get the sales/deals, than I would save by buying any of those items on sale.

Well, guess what!?!?! Walmart is making it even easier to save money with their new Savings Catcher program. No more scouring the ads, circling the items you want to buy, or driving all over town, spending all of your gas to get all the good deals. Savings catcher will include 100,000 items in both grocery and general merchandise! As a Walmart Mom, I got a sneak peek into this new program, and it was really cool!

How does it work?

First, you shop at your local Walmart. Buy all the things you have on your list. Go to, create an account, if you don’t have one already. Enter the receipt number and the date of purchase, and just wait. In about 2 days, you will get an email telling you if you saved any money, what items you saved money on, and how much you now have in your account.

There is also the option of scanning the QR code at the bottom of the receipts into your Walmart App on your smartphone to record your purchases.Confirmation

So… Let’s recap.

Make a shopping list. – Check

Shop at your local Walmart store- Check

Log in to Savings Catcher- Check

HomePageEnter receipt number and date of purchase- Check

Let Savings Catcher do all the price matching for me- Check

Enjoy the savings!- Check

It’s that easy!

Why haven’t you heard of this program yet? Because it’s BRAND NEW! Like.. really brand new! As in… it starts on August 4th!

I’m really excited about the Savings Catcher program, and can’t wait to see what all of you think about it! Once you try it, come back here and leave me a comment telling me what you think! OR– Head over to my Facebook page and leave me a comment on Facebook!


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