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DIY Valentine's Mustache Lollipop or Candy Butterfly with Printables!

My girls always have some of the silliest ideas for their Valentine’s. This year, one of my daughters is really into the whole mustache craze. Her idea was to make lollipops with mustaches on them, so that when the kids eat their lollipops, they have a mustache in front of their face… Cute, but Not sure how I was going to work that, so we came up with a different idea. We’d attach the mustaches to the lollipops so they could still be used by the kids, AFTER they’ve eaten the lollipop, with a cute little card attached to it with Valentine’s Ribbon…

Here’s what we came up with:


These are super easy to make! All you need are Lollipops (We Used Tootsie Roll Pops), Fake Mustaches, Glue Dots, Construction Paper/Card Stock and Ribbon.

All you have to do is download the Mustache Valentine’s Tag below and cut them out. Hole punch the corner, and tie them onto the lollipop with some ribbon!

We used Elmer’s Glue Dots to attach the mustaches to the lollipop. That was it! SUPER EASY!

[download id=”2″]

My other daughter loves Butterflies. Her idea was to make butterflies out of her candy somehow. We came up with using fun size bags of Skittles and fuzzy sticks! We also attached a cute Valentine’s note to the butterflies for her to give to her classmates.

Here’s what we came up with:

ButterflyFrontThese were fun and really easy to make as well!

All you need is Fun Size bags of candy. M&M’s would work, but we used Skittles. You also need fuzzy sticks/pipecleaners, construction paper/cardstock and ribbon.

Just download the Butterfly Valentine’s printable tags below and cut them out. Hole punch the corner and set aside.

Pinch the center of the candy bag, place a single ribbon across the center of the bag, and wrap the pipecleaner around it a couple of times, leaving about an inch or so on either side to form the antennae. Twist the ends to secure it! Use the ribbon the tie the tag on! That is it!

[download id=”3″]

Both of these Valentine’s are very easy, and don’t require any hot glue or really sharp objects. I let my girls make these all by themselves, and they had a blast!

We got most of our items at our Local Walmart store at a great price! This whole project day cost us less than $15, and we had so much fun!

What are you giving out for Valentine’s Day? I’d love to see your ideas too! Post them in the comments below!


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