Walmart Exclusive- Pioneer Woman Home Product Line

Walmart is launching a beautiful new home product line with Ree Drummond, also known as the Pioneer Woman. If you don’t know who she is, check her out!The assortment is very exciting with everything from plates and cups to cookware/bakeware to a cake stand and so much more at super affordable prices!

We were sent an assortment of products to check out, and it is very pretty!

We received several items to check out, and they are absolutely cute!

First, we tried out the cookware! The nonstick surface is great! The smaller pan is perfect for omelettes, and the large pan is great for skillet meals! It actually holds quite a bit.. I really love the speckled design on the outside as well… It reminds me of the old camping cookware that we used to cook on an open fire.

I have already used the plates in several photos! They are perfect for everyday meals, or just for entertaining! The floral pattern, while totally cute, isn’t my style, but I truly LOVE the tan crackle plates. I looked online and saw that they actually come in several colors, at only $44.92 for a 16pc set, it’s cute and affordable!

The Glassware is so cute! I absolutely love the ice cream dishes! Talk about perfect for parties! The mason jar mug is cute for get togethers as well!

I think my most favorite piece in the selection that we received, is the robber spatula/spoon. Don’t get me wrong, the cow creamer dispenser is cute, but I loved what the spoon said on the handle… “Love, Laugh… and lick the spoon.” It’s so fitting here… There is never a time when we are making brownies or cookies, or cake, where we don’t end up laughing *because* someone is trying to lick the spoon…


To see the rest of the Pioneer Woman line of housewares, check out Walmart.com or head to your local Walmart store!

The Pioneer Woman line is available now, exclusively at Walmart, and Walmart.com!


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