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Spark Your Style with Back to School Savings

Back. To. School. Three words that no kid and even some parents don’t even want to hear at this point of their Summer vacation. Like it or not, it’s going to happen and you just have to be ready for it.

Walmart is ready to help make Back to School shopping easy and fun!

We went shopping for some new outfits for the girls at our local Walmart store and were very happy with the available options! I let my girls wander around their apparel section and pick out something that they would love for school. Thinking that since they had very different personalities, I was surprised when they came to me with similar outfits. What I loved is that even though they were similar in style, they were still able to make it their own with the color choices.

The Shorts and Tops were just $6.97 each, and the camis were only $3.47 each… That’s a whole outfit for under $20! We can barely find just a top or just a bottom for that much at other retailers! Walmart had plenty of dresses and even some multiple piece outfits all ready to go at some awesome prices as well!

These silly girls had fun searching for their own outfits. They loved the choices that they had and actually had a really tough time narrowing down their selection! With tank tops and tshirts for under $4, and all kinds of other coordinates, it would be difficult for me to not grab a few of everything! With Walmart’s every day low prices, it’s easy to buy more outfits for your money! The kids like them because they look awesome, and the parents like them because they’re budget friendly….

With all the money you save on clothes, you can get some really cute accessories for the kids to go with those outfits!


All of these clothes and more are available at your local Walmart store, or online at! Check it out! See how much you can buy for just $50


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