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Great Deals on BTS Apparel

One of my favorite parts of Back to School is shopping for new clothes… for my girls… We have a fun time looking through the new outfit racks and tables, and most especially, the clearance racks!

Here, the beginning of the year is still quite hot, so my apparel shopping always includes the clearance racks, and with twins, I love all of the treasures we find! I was given $15 to shop, so I wanted to see what we could find.


Apparently, we were there at  just the right time, as there were tons of clearance items, everywhere. We found some shorts and tops at great deals. Yes, we spent more than the $15, but I couldn’t help it! There were some really cute clothes we couldn’t pass up!

Denim Bermuda Shorts for just $7 each

Jordache Tank Tops for just $5 each

Jordache 2-piece tops for just $7 each.

and a bunch of Danskin Athletic Shorts with Compressions shorts built in underneath for $4 each.

10 pieces in all $50 plus tax!

I really did mean to only spend the $15, but wow!

On another note… For those of you who purchase school uniforms, did you know that Walmart’s Uniform Tops have Stain Guard? The last trip I took over to Walmart Home Office opened my eyes to some really cool stuff… like this little experiment with a George Polo Shirt and Chocolate Sauce… All of us Walmart moms gasped in fear when we saw that chocolate sauce hit that fabric.


It literally beaded up on the shirt and rolled off. Totally crazy!

If you haven’t completed your Back To School Shopping yet, make sure that you check out your local Walmart store or! Besides, you can get all of your school supplies there at their everyday low prices too! Why spend time shopping all around town? Walmart is your one stop shop!





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