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Get More Valentine's Jewelry For Your Money at Walmart

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and if you’ve forgotten, don’t worry, Walmart has you covered!

Walmart has all kinds of great gift ideas for anyone, but if you want to make it extra special, check out some of the great jewelry pieces that they are featuring for Valentine’s Day! From engagement rings, and bridal sets, to watches, pendants and necklaces, and even personalized jewelry!

I went to my local Walmart store myself to check out the Jewelry section. There were some really cute pieces there that were priced really well! The jewelry that really caught my eye were the Luminesse Jewelry Line at the Jewelry counter! The colors are bright and pretty! I really liked the purple butterfly necklace!


Another really great idea for mom is is the Sterling Silver Gemstone Necklace and Earrings set! This set is priced at only $28.



Something else I found that was really cute were the Hershey’s Kisses necklaces. For only $20, you can get your special someone a kiss that lasts forever.


Of course, another great gift idea, is to do good WITH your gift. Jewelry from the Gifts with Humanity collection are fair trade products, that provide jobs, with fair wages, in a safe environment in third world countries.

While I keep talking about jewelry gifts for her, there are actually quite a bit of selections for him as well! Rings, bracelets, and chains. There’s a lot to choose from, even Watches!

While I was there to do research for this blog post, Walmart did give me $40 to buy some jewelry to show off. Rather than buy something for myself or my husband, I actually bought something for my daughters. I couldn’t resist. While not necessarily part of the Valentine’s Day Collection at Walmart, I did find some really ADORABLE Hello Kitty Necklaces for only $12 each! I know they’re going to love them. I also have one daughter who has pierced ears, and she’s been wanting some “dangly” earrings for a long time. I found some very small Sterling Silver hoop earrings for only $5, that I know she’s going to be very excited about. So, thank you Walmart for that!


Don’t worry, you still have a week before Valentine’s Day is actually here. Don’t wait till the last minute though! Walmart has some really special gifts just waiting for you to get for your loved ones!


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