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New Snapware from Pyrex

I love an organized refrigerator. I really do. I also love when I can actually see my food, know what’s in the container, and when it was put in the refrigerator. I have so many food storage containers that get filled, and left, and eventually emptied, or tossed away. Most of them are made of a frosty plastic, not clear, and it’s difficult to see what’s in them sometimes. When I was asked to check out the new Snapware Total Solution collection from Pyrex, I was actually excited to give it a shot!

The Snapware Total Solution collection combines an air-tight and leak-proof, four-latch plastic lid with a Pyrex® oven-safe glass vessel. The upgraded lid design provides solutions for storage and organization. It is stain-resistant tempered glass and BPA free, and it is made in the USA.

stackI figured we’d give it a try with our biggest snack here… Fresh Fruit! We  buy a lot of fresh watermelon and pineapple from the store, and it always seems to go bad quickly when it’s left in the plastic container that it’s packed in from the store. I wanted to try the new Snapware from Pyrex to see if an air tight container would make a difference. It seemed like having it in the Snapware also made it get eaten faster. I’ve heard that presentation makes all the difference, and it seems like since the girls could see it right away (I put everything at eye level in the fridge), they opted to snack on that before they picked something else from the shelves. Something else that I loved about the Snapware was the write on lids. I could take a marker and write the date on the lid, so I know how long the food has been stored. That makes it so much easier when it comes to deciding which leftovers get eaten first! When the food is gone, I just have to wipe the writing off, and start all over!

The Snapware is dishwasher, microwave and oven safe, which also makes it a great way to pre-plan your meals! You can make a dish ahead of time, put it in the fridge until you’re ready to cook it, and from from fridge to oven, to dinner table, and then back to the fridge with any leftovers! It’s easy to use, and very convenient.

Prices vary depending on the set that you purchase, but the highest price that I saw online was $34.88 for a Glass Square Value Pack set of 4.  Prices are affordable, and the products are durable and versatile. Check them out at your local Walmart store, or online at!



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